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The Black Caesar Files

Coming in 2022

Florida Keys History with Brad Bertelli, Volume I

Brad is a Florida Keys historian, author, speaker, and Honorary Conch who has been exploring the history of Monroe County and the Florida Keys for two decades. Florida Keys History with Brad Bertelli celebrates pioneers, eccentrics, and unsung heroes from the Northern Keys to the Dry Tortugas. Drink in the past and discover a golden era of the old Florida Keys with exciting journeys into the people and events that made their mark on the ancient coral reefs that evolved into America’s favorite chain of sub-tropical islands. As one of the Florida Keys’ most beloved authors, Brad Bertelli shares island history with a signature style that keeps people coming back for more. Dig in. You’ll be hooked.

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The Florida Keys Skunk Ape Files

Cryptids, Histories & Mysteries

In the summer of 1977, documents indicating the presence of a large, hairy, bipedal creature with a strong odor in the Florida Keys were discovered in the attic of a Key West home. The documents reported events dating back to the 16th century. The Southernmost Skunk Ape Society was established to investigate these found documents and augment them with additional research and analysis where possible. The short-lived society ceased following the unexplained disappearance of its co-founder on October 18, 1977. The Skunk Ape Files, a work of historical fiction inspired by the 1977 sighting of a cryptid on Key Largo as reported in the Upper Keys newspaper The Reporter, were compiled four decades later by surviving society member Cliff Curry. The files include the historical context and narrative behind 50 of the most fantastic Skunk Ape-related events associated with the Florida Keys.

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Images of America: Islamorada

The name Islamorada came to fruition after Henry Flagler’s engineer, William Krome, purchased 15 acres of Upper Matecumbe property in 1907. When he registered his parcel as a town site, he called it Islamorada. A faded newspaper clipping, with May 7, 1907, handwritten in the far right corner, reported: “On the northern end of Upper Matecumbe Key a new town known as Islamorada has sprung into existence. . . . It is believed that Islamorada will become an important tourist stopping place in winter as the location is beautiful and the fishing convenient and excellent.” Today, Islamorada refers to a collection–a community–of islands that includes Plantation, Windley, Upper Matecumbe and Lower Matecumbe Keys, as well as two islands designated as state parks, Indian Key and Lignumvitae Key. While Islamorada has always been known for its fishing, these islands boast some serious history, too.

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Images of America: Key Largo

Key Largo is a subtropical escape. The island’s history has been shaped by coral reefs as well as wreckers, farmers, and fishermen. Key Largo was homesteaded by intrepid families who braved life before the modern conveniences of running water, air-conditioning, and mosquito control were introduced. Inevitably, big changes were coming. Henry Flagler’s Key West Extension changed the Florida Keys; hurricanes, too, have altered life here, especially the Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, the strongest storm ever recorded in the United States. Since then, the island has been immortalized in movie and song, but modern Key Largo has been defined by fishing and diving, which led to the development of the hospitality industry that dominates today. This book reveals Key Largo’s other facets: the coral castle, underwater park, pineapple farmers, and artists that carved their history onto this island.

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A Local’s Guide to Bloodline: 50 Famous Film Locations in the Florida Keys

Visit 50 film locations in the Florida Keys made famous by the Netflix series Bloodline with this tour book and location guide. Locations include the bloodline bus stop, The Rayburn House, Danny’s murder scene, The Rayburn Pier, Kevin’s marina, The Red Reef Motel, Chelsea and Eric’s house, Belle’s boutique, Diana’s nursery, John’s campaign office, Lowrey’s tackle shop, body recovery sites, Sarah’s drowning location, drug drops, Rayburn drinking holes and more. This book is a great way to amp up any Florida Keys road trip and a must have for any Bloodline fan.

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Snorkeling the Florida Keys

“A thinking person’s guide to exploring the rich maritime history and vital ecology of south Florida’s reef system, laden with fascinating historical nuggets and practical tips for novice and experienced snorkelers.”—Susan Cocking, Miami Herald

From Carysfort Reef to Indian Key to Dry Tortugas National Park, the Florida Keys provide many excellent and diverse snorkeling opportunities among brilliant corals teeming with remarkable sea life and sunken ships from long ago. Snorkeling the Florida Keys dives into more than forty unforgettable sites, including reefs, wrecks, and beaches.

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Snorkeling Florida: 50 Excellent Sites

Snorkeling Florida identifies 50 snorkeling sites from the Panhandle to the Keys. The information given for each site includes: directions, boat ramp locations, physical characteristics of the site; likely wildlife to be spotted; best times to explore; and historical information about the area.

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Bloodline 2

Visit 50 more film locations in the Florida Keys made famous by the Netflix series Bloodline. This is the second book in the series and features film locations from season 2 and season 3 including Sally and John’s crash site, the famous Rayburn Inn, Marco’s home where he was murdered, John’s gun range, Kevin’s marina, Ozzy’s suicide location, Eric’s hideaway shack, Kevin’s nervous breakdown spot, Marco’s funeral location, the park where John confesses, Marco and Meg’s engagement tiki, Eric’s jail and courthouse, the Bloodline production lot, Danny’s graveyard, Rayburn drinking holes and more. This tour book and location guide is an excellent companion to any trip down the Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys. It is also a fantastic read for any Bloodline fan. Each location includes a scene description, behind the scene information, directions on getting there and information on where and when in the series the location first appeared so you can easily find it to go back and watch again. The book is also loaded with over 50 fun facts about the cast as well as behind the scene details.

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