The Southernmost Skunk Ape Society

Established in 1977, the Southernmost Skunk Ape Society formed to investigate documents asserting Florida’s Bigfoot, the Skunk Ape, had been living in the Florida Keys for hundreds of years. The collection of letters, diary entries, and oral histories was discovered in boxes found in the attic of a Key West house, collected by its former occupant, Sherman James, deceased. It was all rum, reefer, and fun for the society’s three members before the government intervened.

Mysteriously, founding member Nick James and two boxes of documents disappeared in the days that followed. Decades later, co-founding member Peter Curry used the small number of the society’s surviving documents and his own experiences to create the Skunk Ape Files.

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Southernmost Book

In the summer of 1977, documents indicating the presence of a large, hairy, bipedal creature with a strong odor in the Florida Keys were discovered in the attic of a Key West home. The documents reported events dating back to the 16th century. The Southernmost Skunk Ape Society was established to investigate these found documents and augment them with additional research and analysis where possible. The short-lived society ceased following the unexplained disappearance of its co-founder on October 18, 1977. The Skunk Ape Files, a work of historical fiction inspired by the 1977 sighting of a cryptid on Key Largo as reported in the Upper Keys newspaper The Reporter, were compiled four decades later by surviving society member Cliff Curry. The files include the historical context and narrative behind 50 of the most fantastic Skunk Ape-related events associated with the Florida Keys.

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Come for the Skunk Ape. Stay for the history and the wild story about my great, great, great grandfather. Believe it or not, the Skunk Ape Files belongs on your bucket list.” –David Sloan, author of The Key West Bucket List and The Florida Keys Bucket List

The Skunk Ape Files is a delightful exploration of Florida’s history and probably-not-completely-true tales of the Southernmost Skunk Ape. It may not be true, but damn, you want it to be. The X-Files meets William McKeen’s Mile Marker Zero meets the Big Bang Theory. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll want to throw a bag in the car and head to the Keys to find the Skunk Ape Yourself." -- Cathy Salustri, author of Backroads of Paradise: A Journey To Discover Old Florida

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Southernmost Documentation

1977: Key Largo
The Skunk Ape Lives… in the Florida Keys (Click for article)

1939: Cuba
Bohemia, October 29. 1939, La Bestia, pg. 10

1874: Key West
Shenango Valley Argus, August 29, 1874, “Matters of Interest” column

“Key West has a ghost covered with hair and about the size of a horse.”

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