Brad Bertelli: Florida Keys Historian, Author, Speaker, Honorary Conch

Studying, learning, and writing about the Florida Keys since 2001. History columnist at The Keys Weekly, expert on Indian Key and the notorious pirate Black Caesar, former curator at Islamorada’s Keys History & Discovery Center, Freelancer.

Talking History and Skunk Apes on Podcasts

The Florida Spectacular, Cathy Salustri, host, Episodes 2, 38, and 53; Wait Five Minutes, Nicholas D’Alessandro, host, The Other Skunk Apes; The Cryptid Report, Jim Harold, host.

Talking History on Screen

The Keys To Paradise, cast member, feature-length Islamorada documentary (2022); Rob Riggle: Global Investigator (Season 1, Episode 3, Pirate Booty, 2020), Silver Kings (Season 4, Episode 10, 2018), Pescando en los Cayos y el Mundo (Indian Key Pirate for Hire), Saltwater Experience (Tips From a Pro, 1935 Labor Day Hurricane), The Fish Guyz, Art Loft (346, Roadside Attractions)